The RFID Shop Newsletter – March 2017

RFIDShop New in The RFID Shop – March 2017

New lower MOQs for all RFID tags on The RFID Shop!

Here at the RFID Shop we are keen to listen to our customers. By popular request we have lowered the Minimum Order Quantities throughout our entire range of RFID tags. This means lower prices and more flexibility for you, our customers! However, never hesitate to ask us if you would like an even lower quantity or if you prefer some samples. We are always happy to listen to our customers’ requests.

The RFID Shop is now a member of the HID Advantage Partner Program

HID_APPThe RFID Shop is proud to be a member of the HID Advantage Partner Program. Advantage Partners have to meet specific requirements set by HID to access this program.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. The HID Advantage Partner Program gives us access to a well-equipped channel system that allows us to deliver the highest level of service to our customers.

HID Global offers the most diverse and flexible line of tags and transponders, backed with over two decades of RFID development and manufacturing expertise. Swiss engineering, patented processes, combined with own, fully automated ISO 9001:2008 certified production, ensures affordable top quality.

HID provide tags in all frequencies ensuring maximum flexibility and diversity.

New lower prices for our range of Tectus tags!logo

Our Tectus Tags are some of the toughest on-metal tags on the market. They are ATEX certified and specifically designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.

atex-logoThey can withstand contact with most solvents and acids generally used in industrial processes such as Mineral- and Vegetable Oil, Petroleum, Saltwater and unleaded gasoline and operate up to a temperature of 60° C.

They are perfect for industrial uses such as tool or machine tagging and object identification in harsh industrial processes. email: phone: 01865 339 600

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