The RFID Shop Newsletter – November 2016

RFIDShop New in The RFID Shop – November 2016

New lower prices for our range of tough Tectus tags!


Our Tectus Tags are some of the toughest tags on the market. They are ATEX certified on-metal tags specifically designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.

om_disc_splodgeThey can withstand contact with most solvents and acids generally used in industrial processes such as Mineral- and Vegetable Oil, Petroleum, Saltwater and unleaded gasoline and operate up to a temperature of
60° C.

atex-logoATEX is a safety certification that means that our tags have been tested for potentially explosive environments and are certified safe to use without posing a risk.

As these are on-metal tags, they are perfect for industrial uses such as tool or machine tagging and object identification in harsh industrial processes.

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New lower prices for our Tagsys Medio P200u HF reader!


This is one of our most successful HF readers. The Tagsys Medio P200u HF is a new generation 13.56 MHz RFID reader, compact and cost-efficient for proximity read/write applications.

medio_splodgeIts small size and affordable price makes it an ideal item-level tracking solution for most industrial applications.

The Medio P200 is packaged in a light-weight, rugged and ergonomic casing, providing a low cost of ownership RFID solution.

This is a mid-range reader with 1W power output, operating in either standard or standalone mode. When operating in standalone mode,
the reader can automatically broadcast data from RFID tags which have been read.

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