How to get people moving – A creative implementation of RFID technology into Health and Activity Programs


RFIP Ltd have developed the Walker Tracking Unit for Intelligent Health and their Beat the Street program.

The Walker Tracking Unit is a ruggedized NFC system which incorporates RFID, GPRS, WiFi and GPS functionality in a single battery powered unit. It can be easily mounted on existing street furniture and withstands the elements.

Here is how it works:


  • The system has the ability to track users walking along a designated route where WTUs are installed
  • WTUs are mounted onto existing street furniture
  • Users are issued with NFC cards or fobs
  • Users swipe their cards or fobs at points along the way
  • The swipe information is automatically sent to a remote database
  • Users can access their personal walk information via a web application.

Based on this, Intelligent Health have developed ‘Beat the Street’ which is a real life walking, cycling and running game for a whole community.  The challenge is funded by Councils across the country, and even abroad, to promote healthier lifestyles and to reduce congestion and car usage.

leaderboards_2People score points and win prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point and tapping a registered and activated Beat the Street RFID card or key fob on sensors (the RFIP Ltd Walker Tracking Units or ‘Beat Boxes’). These are placed on lamp posts across the dedicated routes where the game is being played.

Leaderboards are created online to connect the community and to make the game more fun and challenging.

Councils have been getting really creative to get their communities moving. Reading’s target for 2015 was to travel as a town for eight weeks into space. A total of 23,992 people from Reading, Burghfield, Mortimer, Pangbourne and Theale walked and cycled 306,599 miles when they took part in the Beat the Street challenge.

The RFID Shop Newsletter January 2016

RFIDShop  New in The RFID Shop – January 2016


TSS Gold Reader

gold_reader_1TSS is a young up and coming RFID Company based in the Slovak Republic. They were established in 2011 and have been growing ever since.

Their main focus lies with UHF RFID technology and their aim is to make the integration and use of RFID technology easier and more cost effective through the creation of user friendly and affordable devices.

They started their business with two clever, straightforward and very reliable UHF RFID Readers which are a success with our customers: the DUR120 and HUR120.

DUR 120 USB is ideal for USB desktop applications where high performance and advanced functionality are required.



  • a small (11cmx11cm) easy-to-use UHF RFID desktop reader
    powered and controlled directly by a USB interface
  • integrated antenna for short- to medium- range applications
  • ergonomic shape
  • flexible mounting options

More importantly: DUR 120 is the European UHF RFID reader with currently the best price on the market, including a two-year warranty!

The HUR 120 is a portable UHF RFID reader, presenting the same advantages as the DUR 120.



  • handheld easy-to-use UHF RFID reader
  • powered and controlled directly by a USB interface
  • integrated antenna for short- to medium- range applications
  • ergonomic shape

More recently TSS have added to their portfolio the Gold Reader, a 4-port UHF RFID reader, which is already drawing a lot of interest with sales steadily rising.



  • a simple fixed low profile reader
  • users can start reading tags and developing solutions immediately
  • communicates via Low Level Reader Protocol
  • LLRP ToolKit allows easy development of custom interfaces and software solutions
  • POE capability allows power to be delivered over properly-equipped local area networks, eliminating expensive AC wiring installation.     email:   phone: 01865 339 600


Welcome to the RFIP Blog! And Happy New Year!

RFIP Ltd and The RFID Shop are excited to introduce our new blog. Here we plan to talk about our projects, products and news from our partners. We also intend to provide general introductory articles about what RFID is and what it can do for you.

A word about who we are
We are an experienced provider of RFID consultancy and RFID equipment based in the UK. RFIP Ltd was founded in 2002, but RFIP’s senior management have been intimately associated with the RFID industry for over 20 years.

What do we do?
We provide RFID focussed consultancy services, RFID based product development and high quality RFID equipment through our e-commerce site The RFID Shop.

Our partners
Our partners are handpicked for the robust quality and innovative designs of the products they provide. We collaborate globally with well known and established providers of RFID technology such as HID Global in the US, CAEN RFID in Italy or MetraTec in Germany, but we also work with new and promising partners such as TSS in the Slovak Republic.