The RFID Shop Newsletter – March 2018

RFIDShop New in The RFID Shop – March 2018

The RFID Shop is expanding its range of Nordic ID readers!


Nordic ID Stix reader

Stix_splodgeNordic ID Stix is an affordable credit card sized UHF RFID reader with USB connectivity, already very popular with our customers. It allows an easy way of bringing RFID capabilities into your PC, smartphone or tablet.


  • Extra small UHF RFID reader with USB connectivity
  • Suitable for smartphones and tablets
  • Easy installation
  • USB powered


  • Point-of-sales
  • Information kiosks
  • Smart displays
  • Smart shopping
  • Document tracking

Soon to come:

Nordic ID Exa51

exa51_splodgeUse your own smart device in combination with products of the Nordic ID EXA series for accurate and powerful UHF RFID performance on your reader. Enjoy the perks of heavy duty data collection with your own device.

Combine outstanding RFID performance with your smart device for a seamless UHF RFID experience. With the Nordic ID EXA51 retail and logistics markets receive a powerful UHF RFID reader that is compatible with all common operating systems. The Nordic ID EXA51 offers powerful reading performance and long battery life; these make it the ideal UHF RFID reader for heavy-duty inventory tasks.


  • Cutting edge UHF RFID reading sensitivityand reading speed
  • Effortlessly connect any existing smart device to the RFID reader via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Ergonomic design due to lightweight and balanced weight distribution
  • Effortless and secure locking mechanism for smart devices

Operates a full working day on a single charge
Please remember:

Splodge-goldThe RFID Shop offers tags at conveniently low order quantities for smaller projects or for initial test applications. Large order quantities attract price reductions. Any questions? Contact us: email: phone: 01865 339 600

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