The RFID Shop Newsletter – January 2018

RFIDShop New in The RFID Shop – January 2018

hid_logoNew HID NFC Inlays and Labels

Both non-metal and on-metal tags now available


  • Effortless integration – Simply apply tags to your assets.
  • Ready adoption – Interoperable with NFC Forum compliant devices.
  • Enhanced effectiveness – Faster, more accurate than QR-codes or text transactions.

label_family_splodgeNon-metal Inlays and Labels

NFC technology has enabled the convergence of social media, localized promotional efforts and mobile technology, empowering marketers with unprecedented tools to promote products and services while rewarding customer loyalty.

Use for:

Smart advertisement (poster, menu…)
Events, leisure
Goods and device authentication
Mobile companion tags
Voucher and coupons
Business cards
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing
Proof of presence

nfc_logoHID Global Inlays & Labels are small, thin self-adhesive tags that allow discreet or overt placement. Smartphone-wielding customers can interact in real time with your brand, once the labels are in place. Wireless technology enables effortless transactions, engaging improved customer participation and satisfaction.

om_label_splodgeOn-metal Labels

Their flexible special shielding allows application on flat or curved metallic objects like liquid containers, laptops, pipes or machinery. These white PET labels are only 1.2 mm thin and may be encoded and printed in standard label printers to apply logos, bar-codes, QR codes or text.

For industrial applications, HF on-metal labels enhance the speed and accuracy of inventory and process management systems. Use for: Asset Tracking

hid-app-silverThe RFID Shop is a HID Silver Advantage Partner

Our membership certifies that customers can purchase HID products and solutions with absolute confidence in quality, performance and support at The RFID Shop.

Please remember:

Splodge-goldThe RFID Shop offers tags at conveniently low order quantities for smaller projects or for initial test applications. Large order quantities attract price reductions. Any questions? Contact us: email: phone: 01865 339 600

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