The RFID Shop Newsletter – September 2016

RFIDShop New in The RFID Shop – September 2016


HID New releases

 The latest HID Seal Tag – HID Seal Tag eTamper HF [629960]

etamper_splodgeEach Seal Tag eTamper NFC-V transponder becomes operational when its wire loop is securely closed. If the wire loop is broken, the tag is permanently unreadable, leaving evidence detectable both visually and via RFID.

eTamper tags may also be used as an “intelligent” seal for life safety device cabinets, including fire extinguishers and automated external defibrillators (AED). In these applications, the wire loop reliably seals containers, but is easily broken when emergency devices are needed, or during routine maintenance check.

HF Seal Tags can be identified and updated with handheld readers and ISO 15693 compatible FC Type 5 (NFC-V) devices.


New HID TapMarkTM Tags for identification of indoor assets [6F1950]

tapmark_splodgeThese small, thin UHF tags provide unique identities to each of the thousands of indoor assets,  like office furniture, technical equipment or IT assets. The RAIN® UHF RFID technology of the TapMark™ tags helps to rapidly locate each component and uniquely identify it for inventory or maintenance purposes.

They are available with a variety of mounting options – including zip-ties, industrial adhesives, magnets and screws – for affixing to any surface, including metal.

The Monza R6 chip provides 96 bit read/write EPC memory delivering read rates up to three times faster than previous generation tags.

With TapMark™ tags in place, datacenter and facilities managers can perform faster, more accurate inventories, easily locate individual components, and implement automated security routines.


New addition to the InLine family: InLine Ultra Mini [6F1987-102]

ultra_mini_splodgeHID Global’s InLine Tag™ Ultra transponders are the most advanced general-purpose RAIN® UHF tags available. Choose from options that mount on any material while enabling read ranges of up to a 26 ft (8 m).

The tags are lightweight, waterproof and resist high-pressure/high temperature washing conditions according to the highest standard (IP69K).

With the smallest footprint, the Mini version is ideal for tagging roll-cages, boxes, furniture or tools. They attach to any material, and deliver excellent size-to-performance ratio. email: phone: 01865 339 600

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