Weapons Tagging – The use of RFID for the secure storage and issue of weapons and Tasers® in UK police forces


RFIP Ltd has developed a Weapons Tagging and Storage System in collaboration with JML and Frame Systems Ltd : the iDAS (identified asset storage).

IDAS_smiDAS is a secure, modular system for managing the storage and issue of weapons and Tasers or other sensitive equipment. It is particularly designed with local police stations in mind that do not have an armoury installed, but require the secure storage of Tasers and weapons. The modular nature of the system allows for flexibility and means that iDAS can be adapted to suit small, medium or larger applications.

The system applies the latest RFID technology used in police armouries to automatically record the safe issue and return of weapons. iDAS creates a complete audit trail of transactions, with alarms in the event of system misuse.

It presents as a drawer unit with tamper evident secure housing and anti-static foam infill to retain its contents securely. LED Status indicators give a clear visual indication of the condition of each drawer.

The installation is simple and the system is network enabled to allow for user-friendly integration into the existing electronic infrastructure.

It minimises supervisor or management intervention, thereby significantly reducing weapons administration times and costs and increasing efficiency.

How does it work?

  • Armoury access is controlled based upon officer competency
  • Officer identification takes place by RFID smart-card or Iris recognition
  • Weapons are issued only to identified and qualified officers
  • All weapons are tagged with RFID tags and tracked
  • Firearms training and operational competency are recorded and tracked
  • All user actions are audited and instant notification of events is implemented
  • Reports can be compiled across the entire data set



  • Robust Automatic Audit trails including events, weapon and officer history

    Pilot installation demonstrates the compact size of the unit
  • Significant reduction in daily management supervision time and costs
  • Enhanced security of all weapons
  • Ability to limit and control access to permitted users only prevents issue to unauthorised officers
  • Secure unique log-in for officers
  • Ability to instantly view a log of issued weapons
  • Optional SMS for important event notification
  • Electronic reading of unique identifiers eliminates manual errors
  • Instant view of empty drawers via LEDs
  • Visual warnings of misuse of the issue process


For more information contact us:
www.rfip.eu email: sales@rfip.eu phone: 01865 339 600


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